I was really blessed to find This yoga studio. I wanted to begin my yoga journey but wanted to be in a space where I felt comfortable and was more intimate. It’s been a great experience thus far. Cathryn and the ladies are all so welcoming, I didn’t feel the need to be perfect in every pose. I love how Cathryn really takes the time to get you to understand yoga and its fundamentals. Many times before when I would go to a yoga class they just did poses but never really took the time to explain the importance of breathing and allowing yourself to be open and heal during a yoga class.

Cathryn is a great teacher and wonderful person! This place has it all

Cathryne is amazing! So glad to have met her and participated in so many sessions - retreat, meditation, rebounding, crystal bowl singing... She is so positive and encouraging and welcoming. I recommend her classes to everyone! 

LOVE this studio and Cathryne Murphy. I've been with her for 3 years and with her patience and tutelage, I have grown in my practice and exceeded what I ever thought I could do. I had always thought I couldn't do yoga, but she continually teaches me to trust my body and I have been absolutely surprised at what I have been able to accomplish. I have also met some wonderful people thru this studio that I would not have otherwise. If you ever get a chance to visit her studio, please do, and I guarantee you will be as hooked as I am.


Cathryn is always so welcoming and inviting. Her energy is always positive and can be felt from across the room. <3

If you've never been to one of her crystal bowl events, you are absolutely missing out!

This space is so warm and serene. Come find your peace and inner light during the darkness!

Shout out to Cathryn and the whole class tonight. A most excellent Yin class, great instructor and wonderful energy. a very fast hour I hope to repeat tomorrow.

 I'm probably one of Cathrynes older students. I just love yoga even though I am certainly a beginner. Just the stretching and relaxation is so beneficial. Cathryne is so sweet and down to earth.

Love the support and atmosphere! Cathryne gives you a calming and relaxing place to learn at whatever level you are at in your yoga practice