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Nirvana Yoga & Wellness comfortable, warm hospitality, relaxed, and supportive learning environment at Nirvana Yoga & Wellness where everyone, no matter what their level of physical conditioning or experience, is welcome and valued. You’ll see it in the extremely wide range of styles – from Vinyasa to Hatha Gentle Stretch & Meditation all levels - beginning to advanced. It’s also evident in the skillful instruction, friendliness and deep dedication Nirvana Yoga & Wellness brings. 

Ultimately, Nirvana Yoga & Wellness is an expression of the community in which it has grown, every student has their own point of departure and their own destination. It is the recognition and celebration of this diversity that has always informed and continues to inform everything we do at Nirvana Yoga & Wellness. No matter what it is you seek from yoga, we’re confident that you will find it here.


About Cathryne

Hi Im Cathryne  I've owned a variety of fitness studios, where I taught cross-training, instructed yoga, and led indoor boot camps. I was one of the first women to design 101 different ways to work out on a treadmill.  I designed weight loss and fitness programs that helped over 1,000 women and men in my community to lose weight and get fit. 

I am passionate about keeping the body healthy and the mind clutter-free.  I love teaching and learning new things.  

At Nirvana Yoga & Wellness, I share my passion for both yoga and fitness, welcoming people of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. I believe that developing a healthy lifestyle is a way to discover balance, healing, and awakening in our body, mind and spirit.  Teaching is a journey, an opportunity for me to learn from every person who comes into my studio.

I am Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Young Living Distributor, Homeopathy Practitioner, mother of four children, grandmother and wife.

 I love running, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and long walks on the beach. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and gardening.    Cathryne Murphy: CYT 300 hours, Reiki Master 17+ years, CPT 35+ years, Homeopathy Practitioner 17+ years, Young Living distributor 17 years, Raindrop Therapy , Wellness Coach 35 years.


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